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my first auto (quite cool but edited 3 times!)

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my first auto (quite cool but edited 3 times!)

Post by lordplato92 on Fri Aug 13, 2010 3:19 am

Here is my first auto. It got messed up on here so I edited it and its got edited 3 times. Its quite cool!

-18 1i 18 1i,s 1i v 1e,11 1c 13 17 11 v s r n q 11 17,-49 8g -29 9e,1u f5 a g9,-9b je -57 qk,-59 ql -4q r4 -43 rh -39 rq -2e s1 -1h s7 -b sc s sm 28 st 3p t5 53 tc 6f ti 7m tl 8v tn,jc 100 m6 vc,pj 15q qe 16b rm 16r sv 179 uo 17r 10n 18h 12l 198 14i 19u 16f 1ag,1m3 1gd 1ne 1ho,1rk 1t4 1se 1su 1t3 1sf 1to 1ru 1ub 1rg,1mi 1u5 1pm 21g,1pk 21h 1pm 22a 1q1 235 1qv 23u 1s5 24i 1tf 24v 1uv 25b 20c 25o 21r 265 23d 26f 250 26n 26k 270 288 278 29s 27f 2bf 27h 2cr 27i 2e9 27i 2ff 27h,2fg 27k 2tg 27p 3cq 27q,3cq 27p 3j1 27v,3j2 284 3p0 27p,3ds 1cr 3ek 1d8 3fk 1dp 3gm 1e7 3hr 1ej 3j2 1et 3k7 1f4 3le 1f4 3mi 1ev,3ds 1cq 3cs 1c3 3bu 1b9 3b4 1ad 3a9 19f 39f 18f 38p 17g 383 16g 37h 15k 370 14p,370 14k 36j 141 368 135 35u 125 35n 116 35f 105 358 v3 350 ts 34r sp 34m rk 34i q7 34e oj 34b n6 347 ln 344 k6 340 ij 33u gu 33u f8 33v dh 341 bq 342 a2 343 89 344 6g 344 4m 344 2r 344 11 344 -q##G 34b -e 81,G 34s -19 6m,G 34s -1m 5k,G 346 -1k 2k,G 33p -14 19,T 33r -12,T 3if 27g,G 3lf 26n n,G 3k0 271 8,G 3k8 25u b8,G 3ki 27d b8,G 3kc 25f b8,G 3kr 268 b8,G 3l1 27e 3,G 3l3 25a 5k,G 3l1 26b 5k,G 3ln 261 5k,G 3lp 25c 5k,G 3ki 255 62,G 3ku 25m 63,G 3lb 24r 5k,T 1oh 1v8,G po uc s4,G pm u9 s2,B pp u5 s7,B po uk s2,B pr ue s8,B pp sd s3,G kg uh s4,G -4d qp pu,G 1 ej st

Last edited by lordplato92 on Fri Aug 13, 2010 3:52 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : because the track got meesed up on here)
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Re: my first auto (quite cool but edited 3 times!)

Post by fcmsmusicman on Fri Sep 10, 2010 5:20 pm

Thats good, keep it up

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