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Introducing a New Weekly Contest to the Forum

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Introducing a New Weekly Contest to the Forum

Post by cman4321 on Tue Oct 18, 2011 4:27 am

Hey guys, I'm gonna make this a really quick post because it's late where I am and I want to go to bed. trololol.

Anywho, my last idea for a new system failed because no one decided to use it.


I'm gonna make it easier on you guys now.
Basically, every sunday, I am going to look through all of the track that have been posted throughout the week, play them all, and then choose my favorite for the week!
Now, I may choose maybe up to like 3 at max if I like more than one!

The maker of this track (or makers if it's a collab) will receive recognition on the News and Updates Feed (this feed), or maybe I'll make a separate area for this specific system.


Keep posting tracks as you normally would, and I will look over them throughout the week and probably mostly on sunday and hopefully will have a winner(s) by sunday night or monday perhaps.

I will try to make this a weekly thing to keep things interesting on the forum.
I'll see you guys Monday!

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Re: Introducing a New Weekly Contest to the Forum

Post by Seth7 on Tue Oct 18, 2011 3:29 pm

lol thats better, i didn't use the last system because i didn't quite understand sry -.-


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Re: Introducing a New Weekly Contest to the Forum

Post by conno de bom on Mon Oct 31, 2011 10:47 pm

This is my starter track, it is not finished yet but i will soon post the finished product, enjoy Smile -18 1i 18 1i,17 1i 18 d9,-19 1g -1b g8 -a g2 k es 1h ev 18 d8,-12 1r -v 2u,-i 34 4 3p,a 2q n 3e,c 27 -b 24,-r 4b -l 5e,-a 4d g 51,j 4b r 51,k 5f 2 5v,-9 5j -k 6a,l 65 6 6r,-u 6g -i 7f,s 7v -4 8l,1 7h -g 8d,-p 8l -e 9h,e 9g 1 a5,-k a2 -8 ao,-2 an m an,-o bf -r au,a bi -g ca,-13 bo -h bu,v bs 5 dl,-i d5 -g e6,-n fd 3 er,18 cq 18 1i,-1a 1b -1c g7,6c 1f 7a 10 7g 1f,f7 3p k9 93,17 1h cb 1e,cb 1d cc 3j f9 3q,k8 92 kt 9i lj a0 me a8 n9 ad o5 ad ov ad po ab qd a6 r0 9t rh 9f ru 90 sa 8i,s9 8g t2 8f tp 8g ug 8i v6 8j vr 8j,vq 8i 103 93 10m 9m 11e a5 129 ai 133 ap 13t av 14q b3,167 bn 16p c7 17d cl 186 d5 190 dh 19u dp 1at dv 1bs dt 1cn do 1dh dd 1e6 cv 1el cd 1f3 cv,1g3 f7 1gi fv 1h5 gj 1hu h2 1iq h5 1jk h5 1ke h1 1l6 gl 1lr g7 1mc fh 1mm en,1mk em 1pc en,1pc em 1pg ff 1pm g7 1pv h3 1qa hs 1qo ik 1ra j9 1rv js 1sm ka 1te ko 1ua l3 1v9 l9 20b le 219 lf 229 ld 235 l7 241 kp 24n ka 25a jk 25q iu 266 i5,264 i6 26j gj 27j gr,169 bp 157 al 14o b2,27h gr 27g hi,27i i8 27m j3 27r js 282 kp 28c ln 295 mt 2a0 nv 2ad oa 2at ok 2bg os 2c6 p2 2cr p8 2dg pb 2e5 pc,27g hh 27i ia,2e4 pb 2q2 p6,2q0 p5 2q0 oo 2ql oo 2ql p8 2pm p7,1f2 cv 1g3 f8,2pv on 2oi p6#cl 3j cl 3c,cl 3e co 3f co 3i,cl 3e ce 3d ce 2t,cg 2v cg 3d,cg 39 cp 3b cp 3f,cp 3e cl 3e,8s 1d 8r p c6 q c8 1c,8r 11 c6 11,f7 3p f7 2u,lf 9u lg 96 f5 2u f0 2p f3 2j li 90,li 91 lp 96 ln 9a lg 95,gf 3u gf 4v,hv 5i hv 6m,it 6e it 7k,ju 7e k0 8k,h9 4q h8 5o,fn 38 fn 48,ks 8d kr 9g,-1a -17 2n -17 2p 1h,2m -15 2m -1k -1b -1m -1a 1i,-1b -1m -1b -18,-1b -1n j -36 2m -1m,-18 -1f 2m -1f,-1a -1m l -17 2m -1k,2n -15 l -1m -18 -17,sa 8f r9 7a un 7c vq 8g,r7 7c ps 8n o6 8s mf 8p gb 2k f9 3q,g9 2k dd 2a cc 3k,2k -1l 3m -2n,2m -16 3m -23 33 -26 2o -1a,2m -1n 37 -1n,37 -1s 3k -2j,j -34 3m -2l,i -18 i b,dd 29 dc f cb 1e,3l -2l 3n b,dc g -o e -1a 1g,156 ak 147 99 13n 9j 132 9k 121 9e 114 98 10g 90 vm 8c,1ek cc 1df b5 1ce bt,1cf bt 1bm cb 1ap cg 19p ce 18p c8 17s c0 171 bk 16b b8 15k as 14v ab,1mm em 1lb d6 1l1 e6 1kg er 1jl fa,1jm f9 1j2 fj 1ic fq 1hk fu 1gn fr 1gc fk,1lb d8 1o1 d5 1pc en,26j gj 25f f0 26g fb 27h gp,25f f0 250 h0 246 in 22u jl 21p jr 20i k3 1uv k6 1tp k1 1sm jo 1ro je 1r3 j1,2pv p5 2pc o3 2d7 o3 2bu o3 2b0 nv 2a7 nq 29g nc,2q0 om 2pa ne 2pc o2,2pa ng 2q0 ng 2qk om,2c -4n 2c -7k 32 -7k 3m -6e 42 -7m 4k -7n,4k -7m 53 -4e 4i -4g 45 -5r 3m -59 32 -5r 2t -4i 2e -4o,6v -6c 5d -5q 5n -49 71 -48 7b -3p 87 -3n 6t -6e,6l -5j 66 -5c 68 -4s 6s -4s 6l -5h,a6 -6e 89 -64 8r -3p as -3u au -8g a0 -8d a6 -6c,a0 -5o 9d -5e 9h -4n a8 -4n a0 -5o,cc -57 e2 -5j d7 -73 bd -65 bd -41 du -3n dp -4j cm -4j cc -59,cl -62 bv -5m c9 -5c d2 -5m cj -60,gg -7h gi -3f,gg -7f h6 -7f h9 -54 j3 -4q iu -3b gg -3f,i4 -4d h7 -4d h7 -3n i4 -3l i4 -4d,jh -4s jk -3f kf -3b kf -1o jf -1o jd -19 lb -17 l9 -3f l9 -4q kl -4t kl -43 k0 -43 jf -4t,qn -51 nu -4q o2 -m qs -j qs -1h on -1c om -3l qo -3l qj -52,sh -25 r9 -22 rc -o so -h sf -27,s0 -1k rq -1k rq -15 sc -10 s2 -1k,t7 -2r t8 -l u1 -j u1 -1c un -1c un -l vg -h vg -27 tr -23 t5 -2p,vt -27 vv -e 10r -b 10r -1j 11j -1m 11m -9 12s -4 12i -2k 10e -2c,10g -2c vs -38 vv -22,14g -2c 130 -22 13a -6,13b -6 14t -2 14e -2c,149 -1h 13p -1h 13q -v,13s -v 14e -t 148 -1h,151 -2a 157 0 15t -2,15r -2 15m -12 164 -10 165 -k 16o -o 16f -1n 15h -1h 14v -28,2p9 nf 2o6 o3#T tv 6o,T 280 e2,T 1jj 8n
conno de bom
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Re: Introducing a New Weekly Contest to the Forum

Post by Guest on Tue Nov 01, 2011 3:09 am

Seth7 wrote:lol thats better, i didn't use the last system because i didn't quite understand sry -.-
i agree the last description was a bit um understandable


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Re: Introducing a New Weekly Contest to the Forum

Post by Sponsored content

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