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my first track

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my first track

Post by dillan_910 on Mon Dec 13, 2010 8:26 am

hey everyone this is my first track i have posted online
tell me wat ya think Very Happy

-18 1i 18 1i,18 1g 49 1g 49 -14g,-19 1h -1r 1h,-20 -9s -20 -a0,-1r 1g -1q -14f,4a -14i a8 -14i,a6 -14i b7 -14j,b9 -14j ba -13q bb -12t bb -11v bb -110 bd -vt bf -up bg -tg bh -se bi -ra bl -pr bp -o7 bt -mo c2 -l5 c8 -jf ce -hm cn -fo d3 -dl de -bu dr -a5 eb -88 eu -69 fm -47 gm -21 i0 5 jp 2e lt 4n oa 70 r2 97 t5 ah vh bo 121 cp 14l dk 17c ea 1a4 et 1ct fe 1fn fr 1ih g6 1lb gg,1la gg 1lt gh 1mi gh 1n9 gh 1o1 gd 1p0 g5 1q5 fq 1rd fa 1ss ej,1pr g0 1pr gu 1q0 ia 1qd jp 1qu lf 1ri nf 1s4 pd 1sn rf 1tb tk 1u4 vv 1v4 12g 20i 15f 22h 18r 247 1be 25u 1e0 27s 1gi 2a7 1ja 2cm 1m0 2fd 1oj 2i8 1r3 2l7 1te 2o9 1vi 2re 21g 2uk 23a 321 24r 35o 25o 39v 25d 3ea 24d 3in 22u 3n5 215 3rf 1v9 3vl 1t8 43n 1r2 47k 1oq 4bd 1mj 4f3 1ke 4il 1ib 4m6 1gb 4pk 1ed,1su eh 1t8 f0 1sj fd 1ru fi 1r8 ft 1qg g7 1pp gf,1r2 fu 1pv ht,1ri fo 1q3 id,1q2 fs 1q2 g9,1qg fl 1qg g6,1r7 fe 1r6 ft,1rk f6 1rl fm,1s4 eu 1s8 ff,1sk ep 1sq f5,43k 75 43u 7p 449 8d 44p 90 45b 9e 45v 9o 46o 9u 47k 9r 48e 9k 499 9a 4a2 8v 4b5 8j 4c8 88 4de 7r 4e9 75 4eo 6b 4f2 5j 4f6 4r 4f6 46,4pi 1ee 4q7 1e2 4qq 1dc 4r8 1ch 4rj 1be 4rs 1a8 4s5 18n 4sc 179 4sh 15l 4sm 13t 4ss 122 4t3 108 4te 19e,4td 19c 4td 1a1 4te 1ao 4tg 1bi 4th 1cd,4tg 1c9 4tk 1cq 4tr 1dp 4u3 1el 4ue 1fm 4us 1gl 4vd 1hm 501 1is 50r 1ka 51l 1lj 52l 1mv 542 1ob 55h 1pa 57d 1pt 59j 1pj 5bq 1oe 5c7 1o3,5c8 1o2 5c8 1oo 5c0 1pr 5bi 1r6 5b8 1so 5b0 1u5,5l6 1ok 5mf 1p4 5nv 1pi 5pm 1q2 5rp 1qi 5ti 1qs,5k9 1rr 5l0 1ta 5li 1up,5b0 1ts 5b0 1ug 5aq 1vh 5ag 20t 5a9 22i 5a7 248 5ab 269 5al 281 5b5 29u 5c0 2bv 5dd 2dr 5fa 2fa 5hd 2ga 5jj 2gt,5l5 1oi 5ku 1pa 5kp 1q1 5kk 1r1 5kd 1rr,4f5 46 4f5 3f 4f6 2o 4f6 1v 4f6 18 4f7 i,5lh 1uj 5m0 1v5 5mi 1vn 5ne 201 5oi 201 5pk 1vo 5qs 201 5re 208 5sg 20d 5tg 208 5uf 1vj 5vj 1v6 5vk 201 60l 20l 61m 20r 62p 20n 644 20i 65e 20u 66e 21q 67j 22n 690 23n 6af 24q 6bn 265,5jh 2gs 5kb 2gs 5l8 2gs 5m6 2gs 5n5 2gs 5o6 2gq 5p8 2gl 5qa 2gb 5rd 2ft 5sf 2fh 5tm 2fa 5v5 2fd,5v1 2fc 5vv 2fb 610 2f9 61v 2fc 62t 2fm 63o 2g7 64f 2h7,6bi 25v 6bn 26o 6bi 27g 6bn 28g 6bk 29m 6bb 2ap 6bk 2br 6bm 2cu 6bq 2du 6b2 2ev 6b6 2g6 6bs 2h9 6c2 2ij,5tf 1qq 5uc 1qr 5vf 1qu 60r 1r0 622 1r1 639 1r0 64h 1qr 65s 1qk 67c 1q3 696 1p6,695 1p4 6a5 1p0 6be 1ot 6cn 1or 6ds 1op 6f7 1on 6go 1om 6ik 1om 6kq 1on 6mg 1on 6o9 1oo 6q4 1oq 6s0 1p1 6tr 1pr 6vf 1r5,64b 2h0 64o 2hi,6dl 2vg 6fe 2vr 6hg 2vq 6jm 2vc 6lt 2ui 6o4 2tg,63m 2g5 64a 2gi 651 2h1 65n 2hh 66e 2i3 674 2im 67p 2j8 68g 2ju 69b 2ku 6a6 2m2 6b6 2nc 6c9 2oi 6dk 2pp 6f3 2r1 6gp 2s4 6io 2sq 6ks 2t4 6mh 2ta 6o8 2tb 6pv 2t6,6br 2ic 6c9 2it 6d0 2ji 6dt 2k5 6ev 2kj 6g1 2kv 6h6 2l9 6i8 2lg 6jd 2ln 6kl 2ls 6ln 2lv 6mt 2m0 6o0 2m2 6p5 2m7 6qh 2me 6s5 2mk 6ti 2mq 6v3 2n2 70n 2na 72e 2nh 747 2no 764 2nv 785 2o6 7a7 2of 7cc 2os 7e2 2pb,6vi 1qv 705 1ru 718 1se 72q 1se 73v 1tb 75b 1un 77a 1vj 799 1vl 7b5 1v7 7cl 1vc 7dp 20g 7dh 21r 7c9 228 7dj 22a 7en 22v 7g6 23e 7hi 24i 7j2 24k 7jg 25s 7jv 27f 7m0 28k 7n6 29q,7dt 2pf 7ep 2pb 7fq 2pm 7gp 2pf 7i6 2pp 7jj 2q1 7kv 2qf 7mg 2qi 7og 2r6 7qc 2rp,7do 2p4 7ct 2on 7br 2og 7al 2o8 799 2o4 77i 2o0 75v 2nr 748 2nm 73a 2mv 71e 2ml 6vn 2md 6u2 2m9 6sn 2mg 6rk 2m5 6qd 2m1 6p4 2ln 6nt 2la 6mb 2l1 6kp 2l0 6je 2kr 6i7 2kj 6gq 2k9 6fh 2k0 6ea 2jj 6d5 2j2 6c6 2ih,6pj 2t6 6qe 2t7 6ra 2t8 6s6 2t8,7qb 2rn 7r0 2sd 7rj 2tb 7s2 2ue 7sb 2vi 7sd 30q 7s7 326 7rs 33h 7re 34t,74t 2nm 75v 2o0 773 2oa 78b 2on 79i 2pa 7ap 2q4 7bv 2r8 7cr 2s7 7dk 2ta 7eb 2uf 7et 2vm 7fc 30v 7fo 32e 7fs 346 7fm 364 7f7 388 7eo 39u 7e1 3bk 7cv 3da 7bf 3eu 79r 3ge 788 3hu 76h 3ja,6s0 2t5 6r9 2tr 6qe 2ua 6pe 2up 6oe 2v4 6np 2vp 6mh 300 6l7 2vv 6jj 2vi 6i7 2vl 6gt 2vu 6fl 300 6e9 2vl 6d3 2uj,6d6 2ug 6c2 2tv 6ak 2te 69d 2ta 67t 2te 66m 2s6 65v 2rd 65g 2pv 64d 2os 633 2oc 62e 2nk 63d 2n4 63p 2lt 62t 2l4 61o 2kn 60k 2k6 5v4 2kb 5tk 2ko 5s3 2kf 5q5 2kl 5ob 2kh 5mh 2kr 5n4 2lu 5ld 2m9 5k2 2lo 5ib 2lg 5gt 2kk 5fm 2jd 5e8 2i8 5ce 2ht 5am 2hp 59a 2i7 58p 2j7 56s 2ja 55a 2ij 54b 2hk 543 2g3 53e 2ec 52l 2co 52c 2b3 52t 29c 53p 287 54l 26r 558 258 55i 23j 550 21r 548 20u 538 1vj 52c 1ts 502 1sq 4v3 1sb,4v3 1sb 4tg 1t6 4sb 1t3 4r3 1s3 4ov 1ra 4nc 1ri 4ls 1qc 4ko 1oj 4je 1o1 4hs 1om 4go 1pp 4fl 1r4 4e0 1s2 4cc 1sf 4ar 1sq 49b 1ub 49h 205 49k 21p 48j 238 46q 24g 44u 252 432 25d 40t 262 3uu 26v 3tc 281 3r7 28r 3p1 28e 3mo 289,3mo 289 3k5 290 3i6 295 3fd 29l 3ch 29l 39l 298 369 29v 343 29t 31s 2b7 2vf 2bj 2sl 2ab 2r4 28q 2po 27q 2n2 27b 2jt 26k 2i7 24v 2hn 23h 2fs 22l 2dl 22m 2bi 234 298 22m 26v 21e 254 202 241 1u6 22q 1t5 22f 1r7 22r 1pc 216 1n4 1uk 1l1 1sq 1jm 1sn 1ht 1se 1g3 1q2 1eg 1nf 1db 1lu 1dn 1mm 1fd 1kg 1ff 1jf 1dk 1j8 1c3 1ki 1ag 1kk 18k 1ju 16h 1j6 14d 1k2 128 1lg 103 1k4 tq 1ie s0 1hb rj 1fa q2 1dn og 1c8 nl,1c8 nl 19v n7 17p n6 15q n1 13h o3 120 p3 108 pb tt q3 rh rd ot sf lo sg j1 ru go r6 en qd d4 pg bo oh 9n od 91 p1 7j op 6f nn 4q nt 34 oh 3g q1 29 qd 31 pd m q9 -1j q3 -2o on -52 ob -7f pb -94 qj -an rq -d2 s8 -fm s6 -hn rh -jf qp -l3 q2 -mq ou -os o6 -pl oa -ot n4 -nk no -m3 nv -l8 op -k8 n9 -m1 me -o9 mh -qf mk -rk ku -s6 jc -tn hm,-tn hm -vv hc -12b he -13p hj -12j g5,-131 gb -125 fd 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Re: my first track

Post by Seth7 on Mon Dec 13, 2010 11:34 am

post your tracks on the section "free rider 2 codes" or "free rider codes" and welcome to the forum


Credit to MagicMochi of Serebii for the sig!

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