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Beginners guide!

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Beginners guide!

Post by Seth7 on Wed Oct 26, 2011 7:06 pm

ok, i said i'd make a tutorial for track designers (yea i did say it quit a while ago) and here

If your first starting out you'd best stick with using the grid, get used to using the track making system of your choice.
Many of your track will look like skate parks, in fact almost all new track designers stick with skate parks.
like this:
-18 1i 18 1i,a 1i au 1i de a de 1s mq 1s mq 2g ne 2g ne 34 ne 3e o2 3e o2 42 oc 42 om 42 om 4m pa 4m qi 4m uk 4m 122 26 12m 26 12m 5k 130 5k 13a 2g 16e 3e##O 16e 2q

After you get a good feel, start adding detail, any detail is good just give it a try, you'll get better. Makes tracks and ask for advice!
You'll want to use curves for your ramps.
your tracks might start to look like this:
-18 1i 18 1i 24 1f 31 18 3u t 4o f 5d -1 5r -f 65 -v 6b -1e,-18 1i -18 -u -34 -u,6i -18 74 -k 7r 0 8j f 9c r a2 15,6i -16 6c -1d,a0 18 a0 9c de a0 m6 a0,de a0 de 26 c6 2q cg 2q de 2g,de 26 m6 26 m6 aa,do a0 do 2g li 2g ls 2g ls aa,em 34 em 4m fk 4m fk 34 em 34,k0 3e k0 4m ku 4m ku 3e k0 3e,hg a0 hg 84 ie 84 ie a0,de 34 cq 2q,li a0 rq a0,om a0 om 2q so 34 so a0 rq a0,om 3e so 3e,om 42 so 42,om 4m so 4m,om 5a so 5a,om 5u so 5u,om 6i so 6i,om 76 so 76,om 7q so 7q,om 8e so 8e,om 92 so 92,pa 3e pa 42,pu 3e pu 42,qi 3e qi 42,r6 3e r6 42,rq 3e rq 3o rq 42,se 3e se 42,pk 42 pk 4m,q8 42 q8 4m,qs 42 qs 4m,rg 42 rg 4m,s4 42 s4 4m,pa 4m pa 50 pa 5a,pu 4m pu 5a,qi 4m qi 5a,qi 5u qi 6i,qi 76 qi 7q,qi 8e qi 92 qi 8o,r6 4m r6 5a,r6 5u r6 6i,r6 76 r6 7q,r6 8e r6 92,rq 4m rq 5a,rq 5u rq 6i,rq 76 rq 7q,rq 8e rq 92,se 4m se 5a,se 5u se 6i,se 76 se 7q,se 8e se 92,pu 5u pu 6i,pu 76 pu 7q,pu 8e pu 92,pa 5u pa 6i,pa 76 pa 7q,pa 8e pa 92,p0 5a p0 5u,pk 5a pk 5u,q8 5a q8 5u,qs 5a qs 5u,rg 5a rg 5u,s4 5a s4 5u,p0 6i p0 76,pk 6i pk 76,q8 6i q8 76,qs 6i qs 76,rg 6i rg 76,s4 6i s4 76,p0 7q p0 8e,pk 7q pk 8e,q8 7q q8 8e,qs 7q qs 8e,rg 7q rg 8e,s4 7q s4 8e,p0 92 p0 a0,pk 92 pk a0,q8 92 q8 a0,qs 92 qs a0,rg 92 rg a0,s4 92 s4 a0##

When you get good at doing this start making track without using the grid, make sure you remember to zoom in when your detail needs to be precise, and if you want to start making better ramps.
Making good ramps takes practice, i don't suggest you ever make grid ramps. and don't forget scenery lines!
your tracks may begin to start looking like this

now, starting slowing down on track creation, focus on every little things, get rid of unneeded lines, use curve less and don't use the grid unless its absolutely necessarily, when i design tracks i hardly ever use the curve button when detailing, or making jumps, the only time i really do is when making loops, but not the detail. Learn what kind of setting your best at detailing, mine was rocky settings
your tracks may start getting better i'd show a track but now there a great difference on what it would look like.

final advice: Try collaborating with good track designers, you may pick up on their design Technic, listen to advice and practice, practice, practice.

i hope i helped and if you have an idea for younger track makers please say something.


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Re: Beginners guide!

Post by THEVERYBEST99 on Sun Nov 06, 2011 4:20 pm

thnx for the advise

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