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Post by Seth7 on Wed Jul 27, 2011 7:28 pm

ok lol i was trying to make a neet hold up auto but i gave up because i was getting randome results depending on how long i waited before i'd push up -.- anyone else have that problem. oh and it seem to work when i wait over 10 seconds or something like that but if you hold up the moment u push enter it messes up -.-

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Re: error

Post by Amigoe16 on Thu Jul 28, 2011 3:16 am

nope it worked just fine!!!!


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Re: error

Post by i am cool on Thu Jul 28, 2011 2:50 pm

it didnt work for me but look at my hold up and right Very Happy

h 17 j 14 m 13 p 16 o 19 m 1b j 1b h 18,3k fh 2u f9 29 ev 1n ei,6l 1q 78 2n 7q 3b 8i 40 9f 4h a8 4q,82 ip 7b ij,7m ht 74 hq 6j hk,bf 39 c4 3d co 3k de 3u e3 4c ej 4r fr 50 gl 55 hh 5e i9 5n,ae a8 9r ap,b8 h5 ak i2,di 87 d3 88,ev cp fb cb fm bm,g1 et f8 et,ed d8 ev cp,hd 9k h6 92 gt 8i,hf bg hh b3 hi al hg a3 hd 9k,ij dv i6 e9 hn eh h2 eo g1 et,lc 6o ls 6h m9 67 ml 5q mu 5a n5 4n n8 42,lt cg lg d0 kv dc k6 dm je dp,m4 c3 lt cg,oo -12 p9 -16 pq -17 qd -16 qu -13 rj -v sc -s,r6 6t r6 76 qr 76 qr 6s r6 6s,sh 3s sq 4q t5 5g tn 68 ud 6t v7 7f 101 7r 10u 82 120 88 13l 8c,uj 98 vg 9p,vi br us bh tm ag,vr 1l 10s 1r 11s 1u 12u 1t 13r 1p 14i 1e 157 v 15o a 164 -g,131 bs 11v c0 111 c1 108 bv vi br,10d -3f vt -3l,15i bc 14s bg 142 bm 131 bs,15l -3d 158 -3s 14m -46 142 -4e 137 -4j,18g 67 18r 6h 194 6t 19c 7c 19g 7t 19i 8h 19e 94 197 9m 18t a4 18e ah 17t as 178 b4 16f b9 15i bc,164 -h 168 -18 168 -20 162 -2p 15l -3d,-13 dl -20 d3,-8f 6m -81 67 -77 5p,-71 6a -6j 5n,-97 8t -97 8d -93 7s -8r 76 -8f 6m,-6b ai -70 ae#10h 7s 106 7r,12m 22 12q 21,139 20 13b 20,158 ba 155 be,-1e i -16 i,-1a e -1a m,-24 l -1v b -1q l,-o c -h h -o m#G 2t 1e -2q,G 1v 34 -b8,B 2i eo -ab,G 1m -1v -5k,B 3b f0 -12,B 6j 2a -3u,B 87 an -a3,B 75 hd -8,B bv 32 -ar,B d2 3c -ad,B fd 4f -9r,B f4 bt -8,B ei cn -aq,B gm 4o -ar,B hs 56 -am,G ko 81 -8k,G nq i -5k,B p5 -1i -9n,B qb -1i -9r,B ro -1a -ab,B ue a5 -1u,G vh 7v -2m,G 18t 66 -5k,G -e 2s -a8,G -6h da -b8,B -a3 8l -b8,T -a3 77#BMX
i am cool
i am cool

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Re: error

Post by FreeriderMan on Thu Jul 28, 2011 8:44 pm

its actually workiin sethh
Post Killer
Post Killer

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Re: error

Post by Sponsored content

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