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Post by Guest on Thu Jul 07, 2011 11:41 pm

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-50 3sc -26,3tv -2t 3so -2t 3sc -2s,3qn -1p 3qp -29,3qq -1o 3qq -2b,430 15 43s 1d,446 1e 469 1i,4e6 1i 4is -a 4ra -a 4vm 1i,4v2 1a 505 1i,4vk 1f 50f 1i,593 s 59f r 59g 1i,5a0 1i 5aa 1i 5au 1i 5au 1s 5bi 1s 5bi 26 5c6 26 5c6 2g 5cq 2g 5cq 2q 5de 2q 5de 34 5e2 34 5e2 3e 5em 3e 5em 3o 5fa 3o 5fa 42 5fu 42 5fu 4c 5gi 4c 5gi 4m 5h6 4m 5h6 50 5hq 50 5hq 5a 5ie 5a 5ie 5k 5j2 5k 5j2 5u 5jm 5u 5jm 68 5ka 68 5ka 6i 5ku 6i 5ku 6s 5li 6s 5li 76 5m6 76 5m6 7g 5mq 7g 5mq 7q 5ne 7q 5ne 84 5o2 84 5o2 8e 5oc 8e 5om 8e 5om 8o 5pa 8o 5pa 92,5pa 92 5pu 92 5pu 9c 5qi 9c 5qi 9m 5r6 9m 5r6 a0 5rq a0 5rq aa 5se aa 5se ak 5t2 ak 5t2 au 5tm au 5tm b8 5ua b8 5ua bi 5uu bi 5uu bs 5vi bs 5vi c6 606 c6 606 cg 60q cg 60q cq 61e cq 61e d4 622 d4 622 de 62m de 62m do 63a do 63a e2 63u e2 63u ec 64i ec 64i em 656 em 656 f0,5bs u 5oc 76 5p0 76,5mg 68 5mg 7g,5d4 1i 5d4 2q,5i4 42 5i4 5a,5bs u 5b8 u,5qi 8e 5r6 8e 65q do 66e do,64i d4 64i ec,5rq 8o 5rq a0,606 au 606 c6,5a0 1i 4ko 1i,594 s 56s 1j,-18 1i -6s 1i,-2q u -2q 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